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Fancy Coffee Drinks Aren't Just for Pricey Cafés..

Fancy Coffee Drinks Aren’t Just for Pricey Cafés
Just because the weather is heating up, doesn’t mean you have to give up your morning cup of Jo! An iced coffee is great with our Vanilla Pure Extract for that fresh café flavor and you can impress your guests by topping it off with whipped cream and our Fine Chocolate Paradise Krunch.
No barista training needed for this delectable summer drink:
1. Fill entire glass with ice cubes or coffee iced cubes
2. Fill half of glass with your choice of coffee.
3. Pour 1% milk into glass until desired color/strength is reached (creamer can be used as well for a richer drink).
*Depending on how you and your guests like their coffee, you can adjust these measurements but make sure you leave enough room for the following steps*
4. Put a splash of our Vanilla Pure Extract and stir 3 ingredients together.
5. Top with whipped cream and sprinkle on our Fine Chocolate Paradise Krunch or Saigon Cinnamon Ground or both!
6. Enjoy your coffee in the morning for a pick-me-up or after dinner as a chilled dessert!


Found this blog to be very informative and helpful. Also like the drink suggestions. Plan on giving it a try. Looking forward to the shop opening. Thanks for the info. Looking forward to more blogs!

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