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We are 100% Woman & Family Owned

About Us

Originally located in Long Island, New York since 1994, the Felber Family has been dedicated to distributing and supplying the freshest and finest spices from around the world. Hanna strives to make a dedicated commitment to deliver the cleanest and most natural products possible. With products ranging from gourmet spices, breadcrumbs, to dried fruits and nuts, Hanna's Gourmet has been able to produce fast turn-around, and an unparalleled level of customer service to merchants all over the east coast of North America. Hanna is able to offer Merchants, Chefs and Fine Food Stores the best gourmet spice products currently available on the market.
With over 400 products and specialty blends of herbs, spices, and more, Hanna will please the most discriminating buyer. We believe that not all products are created equal. By producing small batches of spices within a fast period of time we can proudly say that our product is filled and bottled to be the freshest on the market. With this accomplishment we have been able to continue to grow and improve our reputation. We invite you to taste the difference, and experience Hanna's gourmet products.
Whether you are a home cook, a local merchant or a fine food specialty store, Hanna’s Gourmet line of spices should be in your kitchen, store, or at your customers’ fingertips. Spices are a part of our being, they are an expression of life and art. That is why we go to such great lengths to ensure you the highest quality and freshness in our products. Our spices can turn ordinary food into extraordinarily flavorful and robust meals.
Hanna’s Gourmet Spice "specialty blends" work wonders with poultry, fish and meats. We also carry extracts such as pure vanilla and almond which complement baking and cooking. Our products are always delivered promptly and fresh. Your customers will be completely satisfied. That is our guarantee. At JR Spice we believe our product sells itself. Time and time again we have proven that quality and freshness leads to 100% customer satisfaction.


Office: 864-230-1521

Monika Harris: Email: MRH@HannasGourmet.com