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On-The-Go Spices for Vacation

                  When you go on vacations, planning meals is always a hassle because you can’t exactly take your kitchen with you. So, you and your family end up eating out three nights of the week and cook up something easy and simple the other nights. With an unexpected traveling necessity, you can bring your favorite recipes on vacation and not sacrifice taste for ease.

                  Before packing up your car and heading out on the road, don’t forget your weekly pill box. You can find one of these in your local drug or grocery store for cheap. Not only is this little organizer great for keeping track of medications but you can fill them with your favorite gourmet spices or our must-have spices featured on last week’s blog post. This way, you can bring a little more home with you on the road without compromising space and all while keeping your recipes tastier.

                  All you have to do is pour some of our great spices into one of the pill boxes then use masking tape, post-it notes, or a label maker to label the spice. Now your spices are more compact, organized, and easy to use on vacation! Enjoy!

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