Fennel Seed




FENNEL SEED: Widely used as a cooking spice and also used in soups, breads, sausages and herbal teas. Add 2 teaspoons to boiled water, steep, let cool and use as a refreshing mouth rinse.

 INTERESTING FACT: Fennel derives its name from the Greek word for Marathon which is where a battle took place against the Persians in 490 BC. This battle was said to have been fought in a Fennel field. A well-known folk remedy to help first time mothers increase their milk production - starting off every morning with a cup of Fennel Tea. Chew a small handful as a digestive aid. A study done in Israel suggests that weak Fennel Tea may also calm a baby's colic. For a weak solution use only 1/3rd tsp. crushed fennel seeds per cup of boiling water

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