Pepper Pink Whole




PEPPER, PINK WHOLE: Pink Peppercorns are mild and sweet. Pink Peppercorns are not to be confused with the ripe pepper fruits that also have red hue, but show an intense peppery pungency. The flavor of the small, pink berries also marketed as pink berries or pepper rose are weak, so these berries serve mainly an ornamental purpose, although they can develop a subtle flavor in food that has little other spices. Some recipes suggest them for fish and certain vegetables (e.g., asparagus); do not mix with other peppercorn varieties so the flavor of pink pepper doesn't get lost.

INTERESTING FACT: Pepper was the spice that Europe's explorers were seeking when they accidentally found the New World on their "shortcut" to Asia. Pepper still accounts for a quarter of the world's spice trade.

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