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Farro Risotto with Mushrooms & Sweet Corn

Serves: 2   prep: 5 min   cook: 40 min


1/2 cup: Hanna's, Farro

2.5 cups: Chicken Stock ( I used my own that I made, store bought is fine)

3 cups: sliced Mushrooms (you can use less if you're not the biggest mushroom fan, around 2 cups)

3/4: shallot, Minced

2 Tablespoons: Olive Oil

2 Teaspoons: Butter, unsalted

2: ear corn kernels, cut off

1/2 cup: goat gouda cheese, grated



1.Heat Olive oil over medium-low heat in saucepan

2. Add minced shallot and cook until softened (3-4 minutes)

3. Add farro and toss corn kernels with olive oil. 

4. Raise heat to medium- high and toast farro, stirring constantly. Add 3-4 tsp. of chicken stock, should simmer down immediately. 

5. add 1/2 cup chicken stock at a time and repeat until farro is tender. (about 30 minutes)

6. While farro is cooking sauté mushrooms in butter in a small saucepan.

7. When done, add mushrooms, corn and cheese to farro until all blended.

8. Serve and enjoy :]


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